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Beautiful snowy morning

Morgedal as it's best!


Posted by Sam I Am 06:55

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Veeery nice, cool picture. But...it's better to write it's best as its best

by dadmin

Why would you say that? Isn't it supposed to be that way for 'it is'? :)

by Sam I Am

Your right; thats what I get for trying to be smart before I have my breakfast. I read " Morgedal at it's best" which is not what you wrote. (where do you get the little smiley from; I need something that looks like chagrin)

by dadmin

Haha, don't worry, I changed it afterwards to make my own point. Useful thing about being the blog owner :) So yes, next time I'll remember its... I actually end up thinking about possesive forms all the time when writing these days. Probably change things from right to wrong and vice versa!

by Sam I Am

Ah dadmin, Sam I Am may have cheated to catch you out, but dr.pepper found this little error in your second post: "Your right" instead of "you're right".


by dr.pepper

Now I'm waiting for Peter to catch my second error in the same post, and you have all caught me out

by dadmin

I can find at least two more mistakes in it, although the second is just punctuation based. By the way, chagrin emoticon could be:

: confused :
: rolleyes :
: redface :

Remove the space between : and the words to create the emoticon behind each one.

by Sam I Am

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