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Okay, so how did Travellerspoint start???

First, Pete had to be born... there he is:


P: 'Hey Sam, let's start a travel website?'
S: 'whoahahahaha, that's the funniest thing I've ever heard my evil siamese twin brother'

An early brainstorming session while soaking weary legs:


Robin Hood and his merry men.... bush bush style ;)


I'm telling you Sam, this website thing is a great idea.... Let's discuss it after school when you aren't wearing those ridiculous socks anymore!


Okay Sam, now you're just making us look plain foolish!


Until you listen to me Sam, only grass is what you are getting to give to St. Nicholas' horse!


Seriously Sam, take that shirt off your stupid head and listen to me about this website, or I'll take this big club to your head...


You still don't want to listen to me? That's it, I am taking you to see real 'Bush' country (note the belt in the background...)!


Sam, I'm telling you. You stink at being a rock star and I look like a fool playing this here tennis racket. Now let's start this website!!!


Okay, okay, that isn't quite how it went but when it's late and you stumble on some old family pics, it makes for a decent story :)

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Hahaha :) That's hilarious.. and not far from the truth. Well, actually, it's as far away from the truth as could be, but a much more interesting version of events. And now that it's in writing, it is the 'official' version I suppose.

by Peter

Hehehe, yeah, I was going through my pics yesterday and decided to upload some golden oldies ;)

by Sam I Am

Dunno if the Bon Jovi one was necessary... that really is embarassing! hehe

by Peter

We would never have known it was Bon Jovi had Pete not "fessed-up" to it!!! And, I'm curious - what is this proclivity for wearing shirts on your heads?? Seriously - great pix of the Evil Norwegian Siamese Twins' early years! (We all have them, but you were brave enough to post them.)

by Isadora

Ah well, t-shirts on one's head are what ALL the cool people do!! ;)

by Peter

It was Europe Pete... the Final Countdown! Not much better though :)

by Sam I Am

Ah yes, so it was! The Bon Jovi t-shirt threw me :) Thought it was Living on a Prayer

by Peter

cute pics! :D


You should be published...that story brought me to tears...;)

by Cupcake

Jeez, Sam, do you have a hard head or what! Look how may crazy hairstyles and embaressing moments it took Peter to convince you to start TP.

by tway

LOL :)

by Sam I Am

T-shirt on the head! That's what I usually do moments before I take my bath!

by Hien

Hahaha! What an 'innocent' smile from Peter and Sam looks a bit serious... well well... I can see your brotherly love is the seed of TP's growth and glory.

by cikusang

Hahahaahahaah. You're the cutest brothers Ive ever seen! :)

by samsara_

LOL :)
That cute b/w siamese brothers are so perfect! But it seems to me that only Pete is seriously thinking about TP! LOL

by galka_mak

Hey Sam. Your username is spookily apt for my visit to your internetland space, as is the VW in your header graphic (although that might just be some fine templating at work).

I represent Sam-site.com a site... for Sams. When you see our promotional logo you will, I'm sure see the appeal almost immediately. We have a Leaderboard for Sams to battle it out with one another to prove their Samliness, and a secret society, The Sam Proclivity.

Maybe you've been waiting for this very opportunity for some time.

Best regards,


by Sam-site

The second and third photos above are the ones that show the boys I remember! I had a nice lunch with your parents a couple days ago and they sent me to this site. I'm so happy to see and hear how you all are doing! Do you remember Peter's 4th birthday party? Of course you don't! But our son Andrew was also turning 4 so they had a joint party. It was lots of fun! Andrew is now married to a woman from the Dominican Republic and they work with a Christian relief agency in Ethiopia. And they are parents to the world's cutest grandbaby!

by thainamu

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