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March 2008

Happy Easter!


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Beautiful day

The weather changed again :)


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Disappearing car...

Weird weather this Easter! Over 40cm of snow in the last day. So maybe some sledding when the wind dies down :)

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And then the weather changed!

Some lovely days and now all of a sudden snow all over. But with a lamb roast in the oven and the heater on, things are good :)

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Malia's first fish

Nice sized cod. Ending up as our dinner tonight :)


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Zoomed in Map Test

Okay, the goal of this test is to see if nearby photos display when clicking through from a zoomed in map. Click on the green dot to see...

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Google Adwords bug

I wonder how much advertisers spend every year on mistakes like this made by Google.... and of course no one has any idea if they actually reverse charges like this or not....

Click on image to see a large version:

For the record, no, this ad is not supposed to be triggered by the words 'travel blogs'

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