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May 2005

The history of Travellerspoint

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all seasons in one day 25 °C

Okay, so how did Travellerspoint start???

First, Pete had to be born... there he is:


P: 'Hey Sam, let's start a travel website?'
S: 'whoahahahaha, that's the funniest thing I've ever heard my evil siamese twin brother'

An early brainstorming session while soaking weary legs:


Robin Hood and his merry men.... bush bush style ;)


I'm telling you Sam, this website thing is a great idea.... Let's discuss it after school when you aren't wearing those ridiculous socks anymore!


Okay Sam, now you're just making us look plain foolish!


Until you listen to me Sam, only grass is what you are getting to give to St. Nicholas' horse!


Seriously Sam, take that shirt off your stupid head and listen to me about this website, or I'll take this big club to your head...


You still don't want to listen to me? That's it, I am taking you to see real 'Bush' country (note the belt in the background...)!


Sam, I'm telling you. You stink at being a rock star and I look like a fool playing this here tennis racket. Now let's start this website!!!


Okay, okay, that isn't quite how it went but when it's late and you stumble on some old family pics, it makes for a decent story :)

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Day at Vigelands Park

Oslo's famous park with statues by Gustav Vigeland.

semi-overcast 15 °C

We've had a visitor from the Netherlands this weekend and you know what that means... viewing the tourist sites of Oslo that you normally never get to visit by yourself :)


The photo above is the most famous of all the statues. The statue has been stolen twice but always nicely returned. I'd say it was customary for Norwegians but the Munch robbery last year would prove me wrong :)

Here's another:


This shows the centrepiece of the park. A huge stone statue depicting hundreds of people crawling over each other. It's surrounded by other stone statues such as this one of the man on the steps around the centrepiece.

There's a whole bunch more statues, here are some of my favorites as thumbnails in order not to make this piece get too long...

vigeland4.jpg vigeland3.jpg vigeland5.jpg

And there was also other stuff to be seen...



But there were also more statues (yes, I realize this entry is going nowhere in terms of great writing :) )

vigeland8.jpg vigeland9.jpg vigeland10.jpg

All in all, a nice day out at the park.

Later we visited Gustav Vigeland's much less known brother's (Emanuel Vigeland) mausoleum and personally I found it much more impressing than the park. No pics of that, it's not allowed but check out the link. It's only open 4 hours a week and we had no idea when so it was a bit of a stroke of luck to be there while it was open. It's really hidden away and I doubt many people ever make it here which is a pity.

The paintings are very impressive!!!

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May 26

The TP Blogs launching day...

overcast -50 °C

Finally they are here, the TP blogs... alive and kicking :)

I can't believe these bad boys have been in development for nearly a year now, or maybe even longer. Anyway, there is still work to do and some features to be added.

The list never ends :)

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New Apartment!

My first apartment...

sunny 17 °C

We bought an apartment!

Would you believe it. I actually own real estate... scary stuff :) We've been looking for ages and found something about a week and a half ago. As is normal in Norway we placed a bid and while I was at Helsinki airport on a stopover I heard the deal had been agreed on. Great stuff!

Here's a pic from the living room looking back at the kitchen:


This is where we finally get to enjoy the few months of sun we have in the summer on our very own roof terrace (it's a top floor apartment). Now this would be a good place for a TP party.... :


And this is going to be my new office and where I do most of my mucking around on the internet from:


Just a little insight into our new place :)

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