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May 2009

Sofie's hage

Took Malia to see a dance act in a big tent in the park. Act was called "Sofie's garden" and was what they called "modern dance". Malia loved it in any case, so a successful afternoon :)

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Vigelands park entrance


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Vigelands park flowers

Late spring and the tulips are in full bloom. We're off to the playground whilst the tourists make their way to the famous statues.

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Beach at Berjaya resort, Redang island, Malaysia

sunny 30 °C

This entry is in part to showcase the beach at Redang's Berjaya resort, but in part to also test something that I'm PM'ing a member about with regards to photos ;)
Berjaya Resort Beach

Berjaya Resort Beach

It's a great beach, and would highly recommend this place for anyone looking to get away from it all for a few days. There's a small 48 seater Dash 7 plane onto the island if you want to save time, or alternatively a boat goes from Merang on the mainland. Berjaya is the more luxurious of the resorts on the island, on the other side of the island there's a long beach (called 'Long Beach' :)) with lots of different choices in terms of accommodation. The Redang.org site was quite useful for figuring out what was where. And yes, I'll be writing a wiki guide for Redang shortly!!

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TP office wall

Melbourne office that is ...

Winning photos from the competitions run on TP adorn the wall of the Travellerspoint office in Melbourne.


Just browsing the budget hotels in Melbourne on TP and realized the Kingsgate hotel might have to be my place of residence on the next trip over. Nice and close by the office!!

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