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November 2005


sunny 20 °C

Yep, we're officially in charter tour territory. Complete with clapping passengers and reps on arrival. But the weather makes up for all! No further updates expected :) S&M


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Just for keepsake...

Had these photos lying around and meant to upload them.... so decided to do it quickly now as an attachment to this email. For me to dream away about every time I fly discount economy from now on :)

excuse the poor quality ....



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1st Moblog post on my own blog

Well, I thought I'd take this occasion to both trial the new moblogging feature (note that that tag is already typed in my email and should become a link) as well as to officially introduce my unborn child to the wonderful world of TP ! Okay, so that sounds rather weird, but I just can't help but upload this picture that was taken last week; I'm just so darned proud/happy that the little one seems to be doing okay based on the ultrasound. And hey, since you're reading this blog, you just have to put up with this picture of what others might just perceive as an alien....

All bets are on regarding what it will be, boy or girl; we don't know yet, but I've got my hunches. Oh, and due date is 16-03-2006.

and yes, it will be the first DV.... :)


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