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November 2007

Lantarn night

At the daycare the other day we had a lantarn parade. All the kids made their own lantarns (read: painted some old jars) and we walked around the area with them, hehehe :)
Here's two pics.

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Some Malia pics

Keeping everyone updated, here are some pics from last week. Malia was trying out a new hat with her grey jacket, but the hat ended up being returned. Some cute pics though :)


This next one is actually one of her school photos, but we didn't really like it much (had forgotten it was photo day so the outfit was not too smashing - an understatement!). Also, at 20USD, we felt it slightly overpriced


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Browser developers take heed!

Would all browser developers please get these cool CSS3 animation effects working asap in their browsers? Thank you!

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Google Android

and what Symbian thinks about it....

Quoting John Forsyth

"if you are a serious phone maker and you are asked to bet your handsets on somebody, you would want to bet on someone with a track record of delivery and support."

from the beeb

OUCH! It's not often Google gets called out on their terrible customer support, and I don't even know if as the vice president of strategy at Symbian Mr. Forsyth is half aware of how bad it is, but this comment is so true it's not even funny.

The only customer support Google ever gives is related to the areas they make money, ie. Adsense and Adwords. For everyone else there is a never ending stream of clicks and links taking you from one FAQ page to the next to the next to the next .... now seeing as they won't actually be making any money on this 'system', can you guess exactly how good their support is going to be? If you're a serious handset maker, you're definitely not going to be placing all your eggs in this basket!

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