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Malia posing

Note to all; this is my daughter, not the president elects daughter. And no, we didn't know his daughter was called Malia when we picked the name off a song on our ipod :) But if his judgement is anything like his taste in names, the US is going to come out stronger!


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Norway - Netherlands football at Ullevaal stadion

I was at the Norway - Netherlands football game last night, which the Dutch ended up winning 1-0 (completely undeserved, but that's often the case in football :)). I wasn't allowed to sit with the 20 Norwegians I was with because I had orange gear on, so I convinced them to let me in on the visiting supporters side. Seeing as there were some free seats on row number 1 I ended up sitting pretty much directly behind the goal that the Dutch scored the goal in, in the second half. The scorer, van Bommel, in fact ended up cheering directly in front of me. The first pic is my own, the second is from where I was supposed to be sitting; you can actually make me out as the circled orange nut standing next to the guy in the black sweater.

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Fall in Oslo

Fall has definitely arrived and the colours are pretty spectactular. This is a view out over Maridalen lake, Oslo's water supply. In the distance you can just barely make out some of buildings that make up Grefsen, one of Oslo's neighbourhoods.

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Fortis ad

Great Fortis ad spotted in Schiphol Amsterdam airport the day after they were saved by the governments. Maybe they should have taken their own advice?

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Fishing trip result...

That is what I get for trying to wade to the island that looked like such a great spot to fish from....

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Sunset over Øyungen


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On the way to the cabin


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Apartment view

Arrived in Barcelona and currently sipping wine whilst waiting for the rest of the guys to arrive.
Pretty nice aprtment and seems like great location. Here's the view from living room....

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German Coast Guard video

I'm not usually one to approve of prejudice, but this video had me cracking up. Of course about half way through you know where this is going.....

I've had a discussion about this with lots of German friends actually. Personally I think it would really help if they stopped dubbing English TV programs. The same goes for a few other European countries. In my experience the difference in English (pronunciation especially) is quite large between those countries and say the Dutch or Swedes who don't do any dubbing.

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Summer in May

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