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So partly to test this here iPhone web app, and partly because everyone keeps asking for more Isak pics, here you go...
Isak being happy

Isak being happy

Isak being sad, and Malia trying to help

Isak being sad, and Malia trying to help

Now, will those captions work?! :)

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Norway in 1 picture

semi-overcast -2 °C


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Skillz on da hillz

Okay, so clearly those 'skillz' need some work, but I managed the hill bit okay ;) Just a few weeks ago I would have been flat on my face even approaching it!!

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Dagbladet liker å provosere

Det er jeg sikkert på...

Pretty grainy pictures throughout the site right now with only one intent, to really get as much juice flowing as possible on an already hot issue. Serves as a great test article for their new commenting system though, that's for sure.

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Malia's first skiing trip

sunny -10 °C

Considering her father, Malia was surprisingly good on skis her first time! We were in the mountains right behind Morgedal and had a little fire going on a bit of land nestled between two lakes. Temperature around -10 celcius and plenty of snow as you can see :) After skiing and something to drink, it was time to try out the little sledding track that we created. Perfect for the three kids that were along (ages 2-5).









And here's some videos too.

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The Big Word Project

I'm going to start doing posts of interesting ideas/sites I come across every now and then on my personal blog. This is the first...

The guys from The Big Word Project have a massive hit on their hands! The moment I saw the site I shot off an email to Peter saying "next million dollar homepage right here". I found out about it yesterday courtesy of my favourite (non travel) blog, Daring Fireball.

Quoting "John Gruber @ DF"

New viral web site “dictionary” from Paddy Donnelly and Lee Munroe, two students in Northern Ireland. The gimmick is simple: pick any word you want, pay $1 per letter, and you get to “define” that word as a link to your web site. I bought two.

I was rather quick to the party as there were about 500 words 'defined' when I first visited the site. I picked up 10 or so really nice words, so was quite lucky. 24 hours later there's over 1600 words. That's a good 1000 words, let's say at 6 letters per word average. 6000 dollars to Paddy and Lee in 24 hours and they are only just getting started!! This site is going to get a lot of publicity and press, both on- and offline. I don't doubt that for a minute and then just watch the sale of words skyrocket. I'm not kidding when I say I think they're going to have at least 75 000 words defined by the end of March. In fact I wouldn't be surprised if it was 150 000!

There's still some really short words left, but you can bet all the good ones are going fast (although not as fast as they would be if all the big name SEO weren't partying it up at SMX, hehehe). Brilliant really because the more short ones are gone the more people will be spending. At the moment they won't let you change the link you enter when you buy a word, but imagine if they start allowing that. Words like 'travel' and 'hotels' (yes, that's one of ours, yay!) could get a really nice price on auction if this takes off in any way near what I imagine. Heck, if Paddy and Lee didn't feel they were making enough money they could even charge for changing URL's

It's extremely rare to see such a brilliantly simple idea executed so well. Keep an eye out for about a thousand clones in the next few months!

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Weekend in Oslo

semi-overcast 0 °C

Mil and Suz came over for the weekend and brought a rather LARGE box of lego which kept Malia (and the rest of us) busy for hours :)

At DOGA they were exhibiting this revolutionary new mask for mine clearers. It's surprisingly light. I certainly don't envy that job, no matter how cool the mask looks!!

To the Munch museum on Friday. For anyone heading over to Oslo, it's FREE entry till the 1st of April. Of course they're still at work restoring the 'Scream' that was stolen a few years ago but one of the two pastel versions is hanging. The National Gallery has the other oil version of the Scream (there's two pastel and two oil versions) if you just have to see it.

Then there was some skiing at Tryvann on Saturday.

A stroll in the Botanical Gardens on Sunday.

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.3gp Video Uploaded

Partly for testing, partly to make up for deleting an entry earlier today :)

It looks like our video provider might still have some issues with sound on the 3gp format, but other than that the uploading seems to be working a-ok :) My favourite subject on the swing, her current favourite outdoor activity:

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Some Malia pics

Keeping everyone updated, here are some pics from last week. Malia was trying out a new hat with her grey jacket, but the hat ended up being returned. Some cute pics though :)


This next one is actually one of her school photos, but we didn't really like it much (had forgotten it was photo day so the outfit was not too smashing - an understatement!). Also, at 20USD, we felt it slightly overpriced


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A day of Oslo museums

-17 °C

Some photos from a day at the different museums in Bygdøy, Oslo. Well worth the time if you make to Oslo!









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