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Just for keepsake...

Had these photos lying around and meant to upload them.... so decided to do it quickly now as an attachment to this email. For me to dream away about every time I fly discount economy from now on :)

excuse the poor quality ....



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1st Moblog post on my own blog

Well, I thought I'd take this occasion to both trial the new moblogging feature (note that that tag is already typed in my email and should become a link) as well as to officially introduce my unborn child to the wonderful world of TP ! Okay, so that sounds rather weird, but I just can't help but upload this picture that was taken last week; I'm just so darned proud/happy that the little one seems to be doing okay based on the ultrasound. And hey, since you're reading this blog, you just have to put up with this picture of what others might just perceive as an alien....

All bets are on regarding what it will be, boy or girl; we don't know yet, but I've got my hunches. Oh, and due date is 16-03-2006.

and yes, it will be the first DV.... :)


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Long overdue THANK YOU's!!!

Postcards from all over the world; thanks everyone!

overcast 18 °C

I grovel in front of all of you in apologies!!! ;)

I've been terrible at thanking all of you for the wonderful postcards I received. Every time I saw someone thank someone in the postcard thread it reminded me just how slack I'd been! Anyway, some of the photos below I took weeks ago already, it's just been my lazy self that didn't get them uploaded before today! So, in rough order of when I got them, here are the cool cards that I got :)

First off CupCake.... had some problems with postage but not when it came to the cards to Norway. They all came through without a problem (although one or two had 'insufficient postage' written on them !). I took this photo the day CC hit her 5000th post, hence the congrats on the picture.


On to the next cards, this time from Indonesia and Australia. Zags sent me two cards which came within a day of one another. Something about the first one being boring, but I liked both! And a very funny card from Ali G in Australia, just the way it should be when you get a card from Ali G!


Nikki and Arjan just couldn't help themselves when they saw this card I think.... especially if it was lying in the pub depicted I'd imagine :) This card has put Ireland on the map even more than before for a visit hehehe. Speaking of visits, Montreal is less than a month away and that's where this card from Tway was from. I'm really looking forward to the meetup and TP creating some havoc in the Canadian nightlife scene. The text I wrote kind of doesn't show very well, but it says "Yay, Montreal, here we come!"


The theme of the cards I receive seems to be beer. I wonder if that's my doing or the senders.... in lieu of that, the card from beerman and isa that I received last week was of an old brewery near where they live which has gone out of business. Could be an interesting investment??? TP beer would probably sell well (not to mention martinis if you can make those in a brewery)! Pardus couldn't stay behind and sticking with the cow theme sent this postcard from Switzerland.


It's the latest addition in what is quickly becoming an overfull board!!! Check out this overview picture... it certainly makes working in my 'new' office so much more pleasant!!


Now, I think I might have officially missed thanking for one or two cards. Please accept my sincere apologies in case it was one of yours. I really appreciate all the cards and always stick the new ones in the middle for a while. It's so inspiring!!!

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Postcards from Ireland!

Wow, 3 in a day...

Yep, I got lucky today (well, Saturday actually but had guests all weekend so no chance to update before today)!

I got 3 postcards in one day!!! And not just from anywhere. All 3 from Ireland (although one shows the Czech republic on the front) and different senders!

So, a big thanks to samsara2, pardus and raven!!!


Although I put down on the photo who sent each, I am guessing most will be able to guess which one pardus sent :)

Seeing as I had guests this weekend, I did the whole tourist thing around oslo again so finally managed to get my hands on some postcards of my own.... they'll be following soon to those addresses that I have. If I don't have your address yet, let me know!!!

My board is starting to fill up nicely now but more are always welcome :)

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Postcard 2... arrived today...

Thanks Hien, Jared and Pete!

Check out the latest postcard to grace the glass board. This time thanks to the meetup between Hien, Jared and Pete.


Other than that, todays board holds some recent reading material, Isadora and beerman's postcards at top right, a leaflet I designed for a company at bottom left and an old postcard from Texas at bottom right.

Oh, and I have now bought some postcards from Norway, so be prepared!!! PM me if you want one!

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Thanks for the Postcards!!!

Isadora and Beermans postcards...

sunny 25 °C

Well, just a little thank you in my blog to isadora and beerman for their postcards. I received them last week but seeing as I only set up my new office today, I couldn't hang them anywhere until just a few hours ago. Now they're the first items to grace my newly purchased ikea glass writing/scrap board.


Ooh, and bottom left, to the left of my screen you'll see my ticket to Australia.... only a few more weeks to go!! :)

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Salmon fishing

First the girls, then the fish, then the oil...

rain 9 °C

"First the girls, then the fish, then the oil..." Legendary (last) words by my fishing partner for the weekend, Boris. Having both migrated to Norway to marry a Norwegian girl, the two of us set off on our next conquest. Catching a Norwegian salmon, quite possibly a more daunting task than the first!

Being total novices when it comes to salmon fishing, the two of us were determined not to let the fish get the better of us due to inferior equipment, meaning the fishing store up the road did some good business off the two of us in the week leading up to the trip.

Spirits high we set off early Friday morning for the 6 or 7 hour drive up to the north of Norway, near to where the Orkla river meets the sea. The Orkla river was our destination and catching at least one salmon was our game. Partly due to the buying out of the sea fishermen that span nets at the mouth of the river (the game fishermen and several tourist outfits put together enough money to cover a normal paycheck for three months of fishing for these fishermen, in effect paying for the fishermen to take a three month holiday), there had never been as many salmon caught as this year, or so we were told. Spirits eased off a little in the car as we listened to stories from insiders on the odds of actually catching a fish, but confidence remained high as we viewed photos of other salmon already caught in the three weeks prior.

The first night we vowed not to go to sleep until having caught our first fish, but at 6.30 in the morning of the next day with not even a bite to show for our all night efforts (well, we did have a near empty bottle of whiskey and some empty beer cans to show), we decided to take a nap after all :)

After waking up and grabbing some food from the gas station across the road, we headed back to the river for another try at about 3 pm. Here's the fields we walked through to get to this side of the river:



More superb fishing, this time after some advice from more experienced salmon fishermen who had actually caught something, but still nothing to show for it my 8 pm was starting to p**s us off So we drove an extra fifteen minutes and decided to have some pizza to get us back on track.

Seeing as the Sunday was our last day and we still had to drive home not too late (certain persons writing this post had to be back before 7 or 8 pm to celebrate one year wedding anniversaries....) we decided to get up at 4 am and give it another try. The great thing about the north of Norway in June/July is that it is constantly light. This is how light it was at 4 in the morning:


Here Boris is displaying the technique that's used to fish for salmon:


The trick is to throw somewhat upstream, let your bait drift downstream and in a circular motion it will automatically head back towards the shore due to the current of the river. Then you start pulling it back towards you. After every 5 casts or so, you move about a meter downstream and cast another 5 times. The goal is to annoy the fish so much by pulling your bait in front of it's mouth that it bites at it (because they aren't really feeding when they're in the rivers).

Anyway, did we catch any fish? No. Did we analyze all our mistakes and decide how we are going to do it better next time? You betcha!!!

The moral of the story... the oil will have to wait until next year!

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Stuff for the apartment

How boring, I've been shopping for furniture ...

semi-overcast 13 °C

So, this is going to be one of those typical posts that interests no one except for me... and I guess my wife :)

Yesterday we managed to do some speed shopping and picked up a great new bed, washing machine, dryer and fridge, all for the budgetted price. On the list for later today, a couch. That should take care of all the basics, although we need some tables and a desk.

I have my new internet connection sorted too, should be a lightning quick one, although I controlled my urge and didn't splurge on UPC's Extreme connection which boasts speeds of something around 26 mbps at times!!!

Okay, to give this post some color; here's a photo of me sitting at work right now. Don't mind the grumpy look and yes, I should shave!


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The history of Travellerspoint

(unofficial and unmoderated version)

all seasons in one day 25 °C

Okay, so how did Travellerspoint start???

First, Pete had to be born... there he is:


P: 'Hey Sam, let's start a travel website?'
S: 'whoahahahaha, that's the funniest thing I've ever heard my evil siamese twin brother'

An early brainstorming session while soaking weary legs:


Robin Hood and his merry men.... bush bush style ;)


I'm telling you Sam, this website thing is a great idea.... Let's discuss it after school when you aren't wearing those ridiculous socks anymore!


Okay Sam, now you're just making us look plain foolish!


Until you listen to me Sam, only grass is what you are getting to give to St. Nicholas' horse!


Seriously Sam, take that shirt off your stupid head and listen to me about this website, or I'll take this big club to your head...


You still don't want to listen to me? That's it, I am taking you to see real 'Bush' country (note the belt in the background...)!


Sam, I'm telling you. You stink at being a rock star and I look like a fool playing this here tennis racket. Now let's start this website!!!


Okay, okay, that isn't quite how it went but when it's late and you stumble on some old family pics, it makes for a decent story :)

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Day at Vigelands Park

Oslo's famous park with statues by Gustav Vigeland.

semi-overcast 15 °C

We've had a visitor from the Netherlands this weekend and you know what that means... viewing the tourist sites of Oslo that you normally never get to visit by yourself :)


The photo above is the most famous of all the statues. The statue has been stolen twice but always nicely returned. I'd say it was customary for Norwegians but the Munch robbery last year would prove me wrong :)

Here's another:


This shows the centrepiece of the park. A huge stone statue depicting hundreds of people crawling over each other. It's surrounded by other stone statues such as this one of the man on the steps around the centrepiece.

There's a whole bunch more statues, here are some of my favorites as thumbnails in order not to make this piece get too long...

vigeland4.jpg vigeland3.jpg vigeland5.jpg

And there was also other stuff to be seen...



But there were also more statues (yes, I realize this entry is going nowhere in terms of great writing :) )

vigeland8.jpg vigeland9.jpg vigeland10.jpg

All in all, a nice day out at the park.

Later we visited Gustav Vigeland's much less known brother's (Emanuel Vigeland) mausoleum and personally I found it much more impressing than the park. No pics of that, it's not allowed but check out the link. It's only open 4 hours a week and we had no idea when so it was a bit of a stroke of luck to be there while it was open. It's really hidden away and I doubt many people ever make it here which is a pity.

The paintings are very impressive!!!

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